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Internet brides are trending during the last years. Men who want a happy family with many kids tend to search for the wife overseas. Let’s discover who are these brides from an online world, the major reasons for their popularity and how to attract them.

How Does Mail Order Brides Work?

Internet brides for marriage are women who place their profiles on matrimonial websites. Their general aim to receive a proposal from a foreign man. Latin, Asian and East European countries are homelands for most mail order brides. Mostly the women leave their countries to live better abroad, while men want family-oriented women raising their children. Internet brides adore housework and babysitting, plus they always look fantastically cute.

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Ladies register on the website, and gentlemen tend to come to visit some land-based wedding agencies aiming to find bride. People who match each other as a result start to email and also arrange video chats with each other. Men often give presents to each lady they consider as an option to show their affection. Then men travel to the single lady they selected, and after this, an international marriage happens..

Why Women Online Crave to Create a Family With a Foreigner?

When you seek for the bride abroad, you may ask yourself what is her motivation? Is your money all she needs? Motivations always differ, we will disclose the common ones.

Many women seek adventures. They crave to understand how is it, living far from the homeland, without friends and family nearby. Dates in some special places and traveling together can be the key to the adventurer’s heart. They believe a husband from another country can change their world. But it doesn’t mean that your marriage won’t last long.

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They want to live better. It’s not only about money, but the cultural background and the possibilities open. Men who grew up in the developed countries tend to be open-minded.

Successful Mail Order Brides

There are a lot of happy-ending stories when it comes to international marriage. But it’s hard to find a story that blew up media. Except for one story, about Lera Loeb, the wife of Steve Loeb. He is a wealthy musical producer; the couple lives in New York. Their marriage was in the Glamour magazine and many other media for women.

When they got married, Lera was 21 years old, and Steve was 44. It proves that for the mail order bride, your age is not a big deal. They are together since 2003 and happy until now. That shows that mail order brides are stick to one husband. Now Lera Loeb is a fashion writer and publicist.

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Her original name is Valeriya Sorokina, she came from the small Ukranian city. If she never married Steve, no one will ever know her. So mail-order marriage can change the life of a woman excellently and unpredictably.

Why Do Foreign Women Want to Marry White American Men?

Mail order brides also have their preferences while choosing a husband. Almost every mail order bride wants to marry a white American man, that’s a tendency. It happens for the reasons that are easy to understand. We even made a list for you.

  • White Americans are handsome like movie stars.
  • They are abundant if we compare to the mail order bride’s homeland men.
  • They are responsible and family-oriented.
  • There is less violence in white American families.
  • Many women dream of living in America since teenage.

American men tend to be the loving and caring husbands for the foreign brides. If you are a bride, choose a white American. He will worship your beauty and love you with all the depth of his heart.

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Why Are Mail Order Brides Popular?

Many men wonder how to find a wife who is beautiful, family-oriented, and loyal at the same time. The answer is: go to the marriage agency! Mail order brides’ ability to combine the best traits and forget of the worst is the key to their popularity.

Women from Latin, Asian, and Slavic countries are beautiful and loving. They love to take care of their husbands and children. This model of behavior is in their brains since childhood. Who will ever refuse to have such a perfect wife?

One more reason, mail order brides have lower standards than the American women do. For Slavic mail order brides, the fact that you are from the USA can beat a lot. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat your bride like a princess, in any case. They love such an attitude.

List of Best Countries For Mail Order Brides

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Getting a woman from overseas can be easy. Choosing the homeland of your bride is tricky sometimes. But we are here to show you the list of best countries to find a wife.

  1. Colombia, Dominican Republic, Brasil for Latin lovers.
  2. India, Thailand, The Philippines for those who love exotic women.
  3. China, Vietnam, Chinese for those who look for a woman who will look young forever.
  4. Ukraine, Belarus, Turkmenistan for those who love women with family-oriented views.

This list contains not only the best countries for interracial dating. The countries where you can find a woman the same race and beliefs as yours are also here.

Tricky Part Of Long-Distance Relationships With Your Bride

The most disturbing question is often a mail order bride pricing. But if you are at least a middle-class American, there are no reasons to worry. It will cost you only $15-30K. There are also tricky moments about the long-distance relationship with your bride.

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It includes the feeling of exclusivity. If you are contacting with a mail order bride and she lives overseas, you cannot be sure you are the one she is seeing. She might have a couple of affairs in her country. So you better be honest and discuss the exclusivity of your relations with her.

Cultural background difference and the vast difference in timezones are also tricky. But you can beat it by learning a bit about her country and setting the alarm in the morning to meet her. She will feel your appreciation and affection this way.


There are many countries with mail order brides who dream about marrying you. The women from these countries are charming, family-oriented, and smart. If you’d love to marry a top mail order bride, treat her like a princess from the first minutes of your communication.

Juana is a Mexican-Dutch woman who teaches cultural sensitivity to men who look for women from other countries. She also writes about international marriages and the challenges that come with them.